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Update for our Patients

Posted by Eqphysio on 27 March 2020


Equilibrium Physiotherapy will remain to be open to provide care to our patients as we continue to sincerely value the health and well being of our employees, patients and community. To further protect patients, staff and the community, the following measures will be implemented.

- Requesting patients to wear a mask (we strongly appreciate if patients could bring their own, if you are unable to we will provide one for you)

- Spacing patient appointments to minimise the number of patients in the clinic and the waiting room

- Requesting that if patients require a family member to attend with them, that they limit it to 1

- Online booking will be disabled as of 27/03/20, this is in order for us to control the flow of patients into the clinic

We will continue to 

- Provide hand sanitizer
- Provide hospital grade disinfectant wipes for all surfaces and equipment
- Enhance our cleaning routine throughout the clinic

And we ask that you

- Inform us if you are feeling unwell, and to please reschedule your appointment
- Reduce physical contact with others as much as possible
- Alert us ASAP if you test positive to COVID-19

We feel that these additional measures are in the best interest of everyones safety. If you have any concerns of questions in regards to upcoming appointments or making an appointment please feel free to give us a call on 9553 8145.

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