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Wendy Holmes

M App Sc Cardio Pulm Physio, B App Sc Physio APAM

  • Titled Cardio Pulm Physiotherapist
  • Post. Grad. Cert. Continence & PF Rehab
  • Introductory and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Level 1 - The Treatment and Management of Lymphoedema

Wendy graduated from Cumberland College of Health Sciences in 1986 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (physiotherapy) degree.  She worked for many years in the public hospital system gaining experience in treating patients with a wide range of problems including pre and post-surgery, respiratory conditions and acutely ill patients in Intensive Care.  In 1996 she completed a Masters in Applied Science degree in cardiopulmonary physiotherapy.  During this time she developed an interest in continence issues especially in relation to chronic cough.   Later working in Maternity wards at two private hospitals she decided to expand her interests into all aspects of men's and woman's health and undertook post-graduate training at Melbourne University in continence and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Wendy has a particular interest in post-prostatectomy incontinence.  A chance meeting with an audiologist looking for a physiotherapist to help patients with balance and dizziness problems lead to training in vestibular rehabilitation.  Wendy is passionate about helping people with dizziness and balance problems and has over 15 years experience in this area.  Wendy has been working for the past 16 years in private practice.  As a partner in Chalmers O'Sullivan Physiotherapy she was able to concentrate on men's and women's health and vestibular rehabilitation.

Wendy is also currently providing pelvic floor rehabilitation and lymphoedema therapy to patients at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Hospital.

Andrew To

B App Sc (Phty) (USyd) APAM

  • Level 1 and 2 Dry Needling Plus
  • Sports Taping
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Advanced Management Course

Andrew graduated in 2010 from University of Sydney. Since then has developed a passion for treating and managing musculoskeletal conditions. Andrew is devoted to finding the root of the problem and treating each patient with a holistic approach for a long lasting and effective treatment.

Since joining the Equilibrium Physiotherapy team in 2012, Andrew has also developed a keen interest in managing Vestibular Dysfunction. He completed the Vestibular Rehabilitation: Advance Management Course and enjoys being able to help people with dizziness and balance problems. He has found it very rewarding being able to help many of these patients who may also suffer from other musculoskeletal conditions related to their dizziness such as headache or neck pain.

As well as working in our Kogarah Rooms and our New Liverpool Rooms, Andrew also works at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Hospital treating cancer patients and running exercise classes and at Beauty Point Retirement Resort.

Jessica Kyneur

B App Sc (Phty) (USyd) APAM

  • Level 1 - The Treatment and Management of Lymphoedema
  • Level 2 - Advanced Lymphoedema Management Course
  • Application techniques of 3MTM CobanTM 2 Layer Compression Systems for Lymphoedema Intensive Therapy Workshop One Basic Techniques
  • Advanced Compression Therapy Workshop
  • Member of the National Lymphoedema Practitioners Register

Jessica graduated from the University of Sydney in 2008 and has since developed a strong interest in lymphoedema management. She has attended numerous professional development courses including Management of Lymphoedema, Coban 2 bandaging workshop, Advanced Compression Therapy workshop as well as attending the Australian Lymphoedema Association Conferences.

Jessica is currently also working at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Hospital treating patients with cancer related issues such as lymphoedema and axillary web syndrome.

Kim Boyd

BSc (UNSW), Post Graduate Diploma - Physiotherapy (Cumberland College of Health Sciences)

With 30+ years of working experience as a physiotherapist primarily working in a private practice outpatient setting. Firstly as an employed physiotherapist, then moving on to being a practicing owner of a busy physiotherapy clinic.

In my early years as a physio I was the physiotherapist, at game time and pre and post game, to both a professional Rugby League Team (St George) and Soccer Team (St George Budapest). In over 30 years working as a physio I saw and treated many conditions but my main interest has always been the rehabilitation of knees, shoulders and ankles following injury and/or surgery. After working solely on musculoskeletal issues for about 20 years it became apparent the need to include into my repertoire of further education and treatment skills that of Women's Health issues.

Alyssa Lacroix

MPhty (USyd), MPK, BKin (Hons)

Alyssa recently graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters of Physiotherapy. She has a strong interest in oncology, lymphoedema and palliative care. Prior to completing her Physiotherapy degree, Alyssa had completed both a Masters and Bachelor of Kinesiology in Canada with a focus on the role that exercise plays in the breast cancer care field.

She has completed her Level 1 Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy Practitioner Course and is looking forward to meeting and assisting our cancer and lymphoedema clients in our Kogarah rooms as well as at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Hospital.

Sweta Patel

BAppSC (Occupational Therapist)

Sweta graduated from University of Western Sydney in 2001. Sweta completed her Level 1 Lymphoedema course in the assessment and management of lymphoedema in 2019 at Macquarie University and looking forward to working with cancer and lymphoedema clients in Kogarah Clinic.

Sweta worked in the Disability and Aged Care Systems and Community Palliative care in Sydney for over 20 years. Her main areas of expertise are with complex home modifications, complex equipment prescription, falls prevention and pressure injury prevention and management in the community.

Sweta is passionate about the prevention and management of pressure injury and cellulitis particularly in older clients with lymphoedema and non-lymphoedema related diagnosis using the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), compression bandaging/garments and skin care education to prevent hospitalisation due to recurrent cellulitis and pressure injury in older adults in the community.

Administration Team

Louise Purnell

Louise is our friendly administration officer and ensures the practice runs smoothly! She has been an important part of our team since 2014. She will assist in making your appointment and will be more than happy to help you with any enquiries relating to your appointment, referrals, bills, claims and ordering of any products.

Ivy Chou

Ivy is one of our Administration Assistants. You will see Ivy at Equilibrium Physiotherapy on Fridays and Saturdays. On the other days, Ivy is studying Bachelor in Applied Science (Speech Pathology)(Honours) at the University of Sydney. She will be happy to help organise your appointments or assist you with any enquiries.

Ida Chou

Ida is one of our Administrative Assistants. You will see Ida at our Equilibrium Physiotherapy rooms in Kogarah. When not working at our clinic, Ida is studying Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales. Ida will be on hand to help you make your appointments and assist you with any enquires.

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