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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Posted by Eqphysio on 1 November 2019
Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, whilst an exciting time, places the Mum-to-be's body under considerable strain. Whilst the baby is growing, many physical changes are taking place. The most obvious would be the belly enlarging & increase in weight, this places pressure on the lower back, legs, hips & glutes, making them work harder to hold the body upright.


Common pregnancy related symptoms

  • Difficulty to sit, stand & sleep comfortably

    • Tight and/or fatigued muscles

    • Leg cramps

  •  Lower back, leg and pelvic pain

    • Belly enlarging and an increase in weight as body is working harder to hold the body upright

  • Upper back, neck and shoulder pain

    • Increase in breast tissue and weight, in preparation for breast feeding

  • Swelling of legs & feet

    • Pressure from growing uterus

    • Extra Fluid



Benefits of Pregnancy Massages

  • Relief from headaches, fatigue and heartburn

  • Relieve dry, stretched, itchy skin

  • Helps treat & relieve sciatica, muscular/joint aches, pain & stiffness, cramping and swelling

  • Relieve the strain of accommodating added weight & girth

  • Reduce levels of stress and/or anxiety

  • Releases 'feel good' hormones and reduces cortisol - results in improved mood & leading to a better night's sleep




How can we help?

At Equilibrium Physiotherapy, we have a specially designed pregnancy massage mattress which allows the Mum-to-be to lay face down: providing optimum support & comfort at all stages of her pregnancy. Simply being able to lay face down will provide a window of relief from the strain of accommodating the added weight & girth the mum is carrying around with her. Our Diploma qualified massage therapist has a thorough understanding and extensive experience in treating and relieving the physiological changes experienced in the body during pregnancy. 


If we can help you with providing pregnancy massage therapy, please feel free to contact us:

Phone: 9553 8145


Or if you're in the area, drop on by and have a chat with us to see if we can help in any way. We're located at 1/45 Montgomery St, Kogarah NSW 2217.





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